Why Say Anything Nice, When You Can Say Nothing at All?

Hello. Just wanted to briefly update. I did end up going to the interview in Orem. I didn't feel it was right, so I turned it down. I'm keeping the job up in Murray. I start next Monday. Hooray! I'm really nervous about starting a new, "real" job. I haven't worked full-time in a while, but I'm sure I'll adjust within a couple of weeks. I'll be happier being extra busy then I was being extra bored. I know it'll be such a good thing for Austin and I, and not just the monetary part. (Though that part will be awesome!) I'm nervous about being an editor. I know it's what I learned to do and what I loved to do, but everywhere you go it's different. I'm worried that I won't measure up to their expectations. What if it's difficult? What if I'm lousy at it? What if it's boring? I'm mostly worried about not being good at it and not being able to do what they want me to do. I'm sure once I get there everything will be fine though. I am a good editor. I just hope I'll be able to do as good and as quick of a job as they want.

I wanted to say something to the "Anonymous" poster: Please feel free to find another blog to tag your insults on. I will not tolerate such behavior. I would like to be able to allow non-bloggers permission so my mother-in-law can comment on my blog. I don't want to be forced to turn off that option. Besides why waste your time to insult somebody if you're not even going to leave your name? Please take your cowardice, stupidity, and insults somewhere else.

Anyway... I saw a sight I'd never seen in the flesh before on the way home from Cheryl's. I saw a plane carrying a banner with a message. I've only seen these in movies before. Unfortunately, I was, of course, driving so I couldn't look at it long enough to see what it said. The romantic in me likes to hope the banner said: "Marry me, Grace!" In my imagination, this is what it said, and, yes, Grace did say yes.


Anonymous said…
Sorry you had a mean, anonymous commentor! If it gets to be a problem I'll just email my comments to you...

I'm so happy for you, your first job out of college and it is what you trained (and dreamed) for! How many people can claim that?

If I could, I'd have a plane flying over right now, pulling a sign that says, "Way to go Tracie...yea!"

(All right, I know that's a little corny...obviously I need a good editor also!)

Love, Mom B

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