It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Today was my last day with the boys. I made pudding paint for them again and we colored and had puppet shows and they rode around on their scooters and I went and got lunch for them at Wendys. I got all emotional as I was leaving, and I was teary-eyed driving home. I didn't anticipate feeling as sad as I did. I'm going to miss them so much. Of course I'll still see them, but it won't be as frequent. I'm so glad Tyler and Cheryl gave me this opportunity. Not only was it a blessing as I needed a job while I was in-between jobs, but it was also so great to spend so much time with my nephews. They don't get my name mixed up anymore. I feel I know them so much better and that they know me so much better now. I hope they enjoyed their time with me as much as I've enjoyed spending time with them.

Highlights of the summer with the boys: pushing them on the swings, doing exercises in the mornings, playing "army," having the boys help me carry my bags of stuff to the car everyday, the hugs, the I-Love-Yous, dancing around, blowing bubbles, teaching the boys ASL, and cuddling up with the boys on the lovesac during storytime.


lynette said…
It is hard to say goodbye. I never thought that I would cry when Carly went to school, but as I watched her walk off with her teacher my eyes got misty and I got a big lump in my throat. If I hadn't been around other people I know I would have lost it.
kristyl104 said…
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kristyl104 said…
Geeze Tracie, I even got teary-eyed as I read your blog. I know that when you are a around loved ones a lot and spend a lot of time with them (especially children) you become so much a part of their lives and they to yours. We are blessed to have a lot of love in our family. You did a great job with the boys Tracie and I know that Tyler and Cheryl have appreciated the effort that you put forth in behalf of their boys. And they (Tyson, Preston, and Mason) will always remember Aunt Tracie and the time that they had with you.
Heather said…
Hey, I heard from Cheryl at Disneyland about how much fun her boys had with you. She talked highly of you as their nanny, and what a great experience it was with the boys, and a great experience for you as well.

Great post, thanks!
lynette said…
You need to update! That's why I tagged you!

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