This Is What Happens When I'm Bored at Work

Here are my answers to Seth's survey.

Do you have any pets? Nope.
What color shirt are you wearing? Purplish
Name three things that are close to you: Water bottle, twisted-up paperclip, and post-its
What is the last book you read? Neverwhere
What's your favorite sport? Basketball
Do you enjoy sleeping late? Yes, I sure do.
What's the weather like right now? Cold and dark
Who tells the best jokes? Austin
What was the last thing you dreamed about? You know, I can’t really remember right now. I’ve been so tired lately. I usually have really cool dreams.
Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed? Of course I drive. I drive 80 miles every day. It took me two hours to get home yesterday. I have never gotten in an accident (unless you count the time I tapped the car in front of me, which I don’t) or gotten pulled over.
Do you believe in karma? Sure. What comes around goes around.
Do you believe in luck? Yes, I do.
Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up? Scrambled, very dry, or over-hard. Sunny side-up is gross.
Are you reliable? Most of the time. I may run late, but I’ll eventually get there.
Have you ever given money to a bum? No.
What's your favorite food? Too many.
Have you ever had a secret admirer? No.
Do you like the smell of gasoline? No.
Do like to draw? Yes, I am the doodle queen.
What's your favorite invention? The Internet
What do you like better, oranges or apples? Apples
Do you give in easily? Sometimes, but I’m pretty stubborn.
Can you read other people's expressions? Yes. I am really aware of other people’s feelings.
What time did you wake up this morning? Woke up? Or got out of bed? Woke up around 7, dragged myself out of bed at 7:40
What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Bagel
What do you plan on doing tomorrow? Work, hopefully workout, spend some time with Austin
What's your favorite day of the week and why? Saturday. I can sleep in and be with Austin all day, except for when he’s in class.
Have you ever been scuba diving? Nope.
What's your least favorite color? Purple.
Would you ever go skydiving? Nope.
What's the worst injury you have had? Sprained ankle
What's the last movie you saw? At home: The original Pink Panther; in the theater: Enchanted
What do you want to know about the future? Will I ever get a book published? Will I have the kids I want (3 girls, 2 boys)? Will Austin’s leg get better? Will we get into a house?
What does your last text message say? Sent or received? Sent: “You had a girl on sims. What do you want to name her?” Received: “In what town again?”
What's your least favorite school subject? Math, science, literary theory (ugh)
What is your dream vacation? Australia or Europe
What is your favorite animal? Monkeys
Do you listen to the radio? Nope. I listen to books-on-CD on the way to work.
Where were you when 9/11 happened? In school. All the teachers turned the TVs on. I didn’t really know what was going on till I get home and could watch and listen for myself. Then I stayed up until 3 in the morning watching the news hypnotically and feeling scared, like the world was going to end.
What do you do when vending machines steal your money? Get really mad, then walk away.
Have you ever caught a butterfly? I think so.
What color are your bed sheets? Either red or cream.
What's your ringtone? I have several. I have super Nintendo theme song (for Heidi), “Call and Answer” for everyone, and “Chasing Cars” (for Austin).
Do you like things that glow in the dark? Yes. Who doesn’t?
What's your favorite fruity scent? Citrusy
Have you ever sat on a roof? Yeah. In an uneasy and precautious way.
Name three things in the world you dislike: Greed, selfishness (the me!me!me! attitude that persists today), and the general wickedness of the world
Do you like sushi? Not particularly. But I have tried it!
Do you believe in magic? Of course.
Do you hold grudges? Nope. I don’t believe in holding on to negativity.


Heather said…
nice knowing you even more!

love ya!

Matthew just said while reading your post:

"you got married."

No, that's Aunt Tracie. She looks like me."

"oh." "OoOOhhhh."
Heather said…
just checking something here...
Heather said…
Ohhhh! okay! That is how a picture shows up!
kristyl104 said…
How do you post a picture of the commenter?

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