So, it's official. I have jumped on the LOST bandwagon. And I love it. It's one of the best-written, most interesting shows I've ever watched, at least thus far. Austin and I borrowed Season One from my parents like two months ago. We finally got down to watching it two weeks ago, and we were instantly hooked. I resisted getting into it for years for several reasons. One of which is because I knew it was so popular. When things are that popular, I tend to be skeptical. Plus the whole concept sounded kinda weird and stupid. That is, until I watched it.

It's like watching a short movie every episode. The music and production are awesome. The dialogue is believable and smart. The actors really know their characters. Characters have proper motivations. And there's consistency! (Well at least the first season does. We just barely started Season Two so we'll see how the rest of the show fares.) What I love is the real emotion and intensity that is in every episode. The jarring (or moving) sound effects and score, the extreme closeups, the flashbacks-- I love it all! My favorite characters are Locke, Charlie, Jack, Sayid, Claire, and Hurley. In that order. Of course, that may change as I continue to watch the show. I also love how the show always asks more questions than it answers, keeping you always wanting more. I also like that nothing TOO out-of-the-blue happens. Yeah, weird crap happens, but when it does, it makes sense and is believable and follows the logic of the setting and the show that they've created.

So, now I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the show. I hope it doesn't disappoint. But I'll keep an open, but critical, mind. For the rest of you that already know LOST is awesome or to those of you that don't, NO SPOILERS!! This is actually the first time I've really NOT wanted to know what was going to happen. So, if you want to talk about it, you must talk about ONLY Season One for the time being. Those that spoil will be hunted down and hurt. Painfully.

(This isn't the humorous post. That's still to come. How humorous it will be I don't really know. I'm hoping it'll at least be amusing or chuckle-worthy. You'll just have to wait and see.)


Rhea said…
I'm a huge LOST fan! Congrats on finding it!! Enjoy watching all the seasons.
Heather said…
That last paragraph was still funny to me.

I promise, you did get a chuckle out of me.

Sheesh-I am way too easy!

Have fun with LOST. I am still too busy with my TV free time, if any, with SMALLVILLE.

GO Smallville!!
lynette said…
Ok, my one complaint about LOST is that no one ever shares information with anyone else! I mean, if you saw some big monster, don't you think you'd be freaking out and telling EVERYONE about it! Don't worry, I'm still a LOST ADDICT!
Tracie said…
I do know what you mean Lynette. That does bug me a little too. It's like Locke freaking tell Jack about how you were paralyzed and now you're not! Or other such things. Of course that is a problem in real life too. A lot of problems are caused because of miscommunication or because people don't understand what's really going on.
Kris said…
I've started Lost, then I lost it. I mean it was stolen, I mean that it got borrowed. Oh that was it, it was borrowed. Waiting to get on the band wagon. I'm still Lost in Roswell, I mean abducted!

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