Trip Recap

Okay, so Austin is officially funnier and more interesting to me. You can read his account of our trip to Texas. I just wanted to say thank you to the Beckstrom family for flying us out there and for letting us spend time with you for an unfortunately brief visit.

Austin and I got home at two in the morning, exhausted from the many hours of travel. Unfortunately, I was denied permission to work from home. (I had asked a week before.) However, when I got into work I had nothing to do for most of the day. I was, of course, irked by this. I would've had to work till 8 at night had I not already had some extra hours from the week before, which means I wouldn't have been home 'til almost 9. Work has been very trying lately. I'll post about it later.

I will be posting a humorous post very soon. Stay tuned.


Heather said…
Glad you had a good time in Texas. Once you've visited Mexico, you will have been in more states/countries than me.

Bummer about the work thing.
Heather said…
AND you are just as funny.

And a little secret: you are more emotionally open in your posting, which most people tend to be drawn too.

Austin is just my humor release, at the moment. Very good, yes.

But I still love you best!!!!
Austin said…
but I love Tracie the bestest! ! !
Anonymous said…
and we LOVED having you!!!! I'll see you in a few, Mom B

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