Valentine Celebration

So I wanted to beat Austin to the punch and blog about our weekend. Since Austin and I will be traveling (Yay, Texas!) on Valentine's Day we decided we would celebrate early. So Austin bought me flowers, chocolate, and my Cosmo last week. (All for a much cheaper price!) They were very much appreciated.

Friday night was our ward V-day party. It was a dessert party. I had made Magic Bars for the occasion (though Austin and I ate most of them ourselves). Then unbeknown to us the drawing for the "raffle" was actually a way for the organizers to force people to play "The Newly Wed Game." Austin and I were picked. It was a lot of fun actually. We didn't win any of the prizes but we did really well. It was a good way for our ward to get to know us. (We still only know a handful of people in the ward.)

Saturday was the day we designated as our V-day. Austin went to school and I played The Sims 2. (Austin bought me some expansion packs as my v-day present; part of my v-day present for him was my 50th post entry.) Later that day we went to Chef's Table for dinner (which is the only 4-star restaurant in Utah Valley). It was very nice and elegant. Afterwards we went to see a series of short plays presented in the new Covey Center for the Arts in Provo. It was called "The Anthology of Love." Some of the short plays were better than the others, but overall Austin and I enjoyed ourselves. It was nice to get out of the house and do something different.

So Austin and I have decided that we will celebrate Valentine's Day a week early from now on. It was much nicer to not have to deal with the crowds and the overpricing of everything. It was just more relaxing that way. And now we'll just spend the real V-day home in our jammies watching a movie while cuddling on the couch.

The only bad part about the weekend is early Sunday morning (around 4 or so) I started feeling really sick and as a result couldn't sleep. I spent most of Sunday feeling queasy. Unfortunately it has continued to today. I had a hard time sleeping Sunday night and the queasiness still hasn't gone away. I think it may be due to something I ate over the weekend. I've also been really anxious lately about work. Anyway, I hope it all goes away soon.


Anonymous said…
Austin said…
where'd you get PREGNANT? and who is that?

good post, Tracie. Shame on you for beating me to the punch. That's MY job! ;)
Haha- that was my first thought too! If its a girl, will you name her after me?
lynette said…
That would be a Valentines you'd never forget if you were pregnant, but I'm not saying that I think you are. Are you? Just kidding!
Have fun in Texas and give everyone big hugs for us!
Heather said…
my thoughts exactly.
Jen said…
I hope you had a wonderful time!
Austin said…
I want Tracie to blog!

Who's with me?

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