Birthday etc.

I agree with Austin. Blog entries are always hard to start. So last weekend I continued my birthday celebration. I got to go home early on Friday since I had gained extra hours doing the workshops. I stopped at Target and bought myself 3 new shirts (yay!) and a giftcard for my friend Kim whose reception was that same night. Austin and I then went to Red Robin for dinner. Then we hurried over to The White Willow to see Kim and wish her well. We were then going to go to a movie but it was getting too late so we decided to rent movies instead. Then we stayed up watching Friends season 4 all night. Saturday was the day of the party so Austin went to class while I went and got a massage. (I used the gift certificate Austin got me for Christmas.) Then we cleaned house and I made spinach artichoke dip and apple cinnamon yellow cake. Trent & Jess arrived first later joined by Charity & James and Brett & Charlotte. We chatted while we waited for Brittnee & Matt to get there. Then we played Shout About Movies (a dvd movie trivia game). The first round we played boys vs. girls and the girls got whipped. We then changed around teams to make it more evenly matched. Heidi and Aaron and baby Will then arrived. The second round was more evenly matched, but Austin’s team won again. Heck, he probably could’ve won by himself. He’s impossible. We then had cake and ice cream. Though gifts were not required, Charity got me a disposable camera and a pretty magazine with pretty pics with a challenge to take pics of the moments in life. Trent, Charity, & Heidi (and spouses) then left. The remaining couples played Simpsons Clue (which Austin won of course). Then it was just Austin and I and Brett & Charlo. We chatted and watched clips of Triumph the Insult Dog and played with my newly obtained (via B & C) glowsticks! I love glowsticks. It was a totally great gift. (I also received a giant pixie stick and a Princess Jasmine Pez.) It was a totally fun weekend. Thank you to all my friends and family who made my birthday a fun-filled fest.

OH...And looks like 6 of you like celebrating your birthday while 1 of you doesn't and 1 did when they were younger. Someone give me a new idea for a poll, and I'll change it.


Austin said…
In my defense, I don't think I have EVER won Clue, or Simpson's Clue, and if everyone else had discovered that you can make an accusation while not in the room they would have gone in there. But I'm glad you had a good bday despite my best efforts to the contrary. I LOVE YOU!
JohansenWest said…
oh, p.s. we had a really fun time with you guys. and you got james to play a game, so i am eternally in your debt. we gotta hang out once we get back!

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