Have You Ever?

Yep, another survey thing. I don't really have time for super original material right now. But I thought I'd keep the masses happy. Bloglifted from Amanda once again.

Kicked someone in the. . . well, you know? Yep. I was five years old at the time. He had gone through the fence the “wrong way” and this simply couldn’t be tolerated. (There was an opening in a fence surrounding the field of my school. The opening had a bar through it and had footprints preserved in cement. One was walking into the field, the other out. The unlucky boy was walking on the “out” side when he should’ve been walking on the “in” side.)

Gone on a blind date? Yes, many sadly. Most of my dates consisted of friends setting me up with other friends. Or blind dates with guys I met off the Internet. (Don’t judge me.)

Made someone cry? Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on the circumstances), yes.

Opened your Christmas presents early? Not too early. Maybe a few days early or at a Christmas party or on Christmas Eve. I peeked all the time when I was younger, but now I refrain since I’ve realized that ruins the surprise.

Been online for more than 10 hours in a row? Yes, unfortunately. If you don’t count work or school, there was a time period of my life when I would on the computer for hours at a time while in the throes of depression.

Pretended to be someone you weren't online? Not really. I’ve lied about small things like my age, but I always was still me.

Eaten food that fell on the floor? Yes....I have.

Been caught cheating? I have never cheated in a relationship (and never will), but yes, I have cheated some in my day. Never on tests. But I have plagiarized several research papers (never word-for-word or from the Internet or from a peer). But I was fortunately finally caught and taught correct principles and have never cheated (or plagiarized) since that day.

Been caught speeding? Nope, I have never been pulled over. Hopefully, I never will.

Flashed someone? Besides my husband or sisters? Nope.

Gone out without underwear on? Only like once and it was a desperate situation. I’d rather wear dirty underwear than go without (if I’m leaving the house anyway).

Got into a fist fight? Only with family. ;)

Swallowed bath water? I’m not sure. Maybe when I was younger.

Peed in the pool? Seriously, who hasn’t? If you say you haven’t, you’re totally lying.

Thrown up in public? Actually in public or just in public restrooms? The last time I threw up in public was in the DMV’s bathroom moments before I took my new license picture.

Been so drunk you can't walk? Having never been drunk I have to say no. But I have been so tired, dizzy, and/or medicated that I haven’t been able to.

Broken wind and blamed someone else? Sure. Everyone does it. That’s what siblings are for.

Done something mean you regretted? Unfortunately, yes.

Played pull my finger? I’ve never really found that funny. Even when I was younger. (I’m more into “diarrhea” jokes.) Though I have done it, the pull-my-finger thing that is.


Charlo said…
who flashes sibblings? what is the point of that? to compare boob sizes?
Rhea said…
I can't believe you've NEVER been pulled over for speeding. I thought everyone at one point in their lifetime had to speed and get caught. Sheesh!

I got one once at 17 years old and I deserved it, i admit, but none since...except parking tickets. Now I've jinxed myself, haven't I?!
Heather said…
hmmm, some info was interesting. Never flashed my sibs!

Never thrown up in public, or a bunch of things from your list!

And yes, the pull my finger joke is totally lame. Usually totally lame guys do it.
Kris said…
Loved the answers Tracie. It's surprising what you learn about each other in these silly lists that are found in blogs. Interesting, fun and enlightening.
Austin said…
I admit I didn't know most of these! Not sure it's the best place to learn more about your wife, on her blog, but I'm glad to learn I am one of the few you have flashed... Now I suddenly miss you more than I did.
I think there would be much less law breaking if our law enforcement officers would deliver punishments like that! You are brilliant!

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