I bloglifted this from Amanda. Sorry I haven't been posting more. I've actually had stuff to do at work, and since I'm on the computer all day at work I usually don't get on at home.

My ex is . . . a thing of the past. Except for the one I stayed good friends with.
Maybe I should . . . try something different.
I love . . . my husband and the beauty of the world.
I don't understand . . . why people are so mean.
I lost my . . . figure. I hope to find it again someday.
People would say that I'm . . . quirky and a fun and compassionate friend. (At least I hope they do.)
I look forward to . . . each and every second I spend with Austin.
Love is . . . the greatest thing in the world (except maybe chocolate).
Somewhere, someone is . . . being born.
I will always . . . love my family.
Forever is . . . something that is actually attainable.
I think the current President is . . . an okay guy.
I woke up this morning . . . feeling more awake than I have all week.
Life is full of . . . regrets.
My past . . . is something I’m not ashamed of.
I get annoyed when . . . people accuse me of things I didn’t do.
I wish . . . I could be a fiction editor.
My dog . . . is dead. (though he was never “my” dog.)
Tomorrow I'm going to . . . plan our trip to Vegas.
I have no tolerance for people who . . . are judgmental.
If I had a million dollars I would . . . buy your love. (Seriously? buy a house and pay off debt)
Sometimes I want to . . . be a kid again.
Home is . . . where the chocolate chip cookies are.
We are . . . God’s children.
This weekend . . . I want to have fun.
I understand . . . that things don’t usually go my way.
If I had a chance . . . I would live up to my potential.


JohansenWest said…
Fun, Tracie. Maybe I'll bloglift it from you too, :). Hey, do you think smiley-faces should be punctuation marks in and of themselves? Sometimes I think so. The jury's still out though.
Heather said…
Welcome back! I missed you!!

I have friends who do not blog, do photo shows, digi scrap or anything on the computer because they work on the computer all day, and the last thing they want to do is sit down and be at the computer again! So I understand what you are saying about not blogging for awhile.

Vegas?! Wow, whoo hoo! What are you going to do in Vegas? (and whatever you do in Vegas-stays in Vegas)

I think you are fun, quirky, compassionate, and eclectic. I like the eclectic part! You and I have a lot of the same personalities.

Have a nice day! Mmwah!
Kris said…
Love your answers Tracie, refreshing to read.

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