A Little Sunshine

So life does come with its little bits of sunshine. Once a month my work has a professional massage place come in and give ten-minute free massages to employees that sign up for them. I’ve never done it before, but Charity came and got me today and we both signed up. Man, it was great! This is probably the best I’ve ever felt at work. So relaxing and so good, even for ten minutes. I so needed it today. I’ve been stressing about a lot of different things (so glad I’m going on vacation next week) so it was good to have a breather and get my tense muscles relaxed.


Kris said…
Ahhh a little R&R coming? Yeah! Have a good time!
Heather said…
Is that part free? If so, sign me up!
Jen said…
Wow free massages, and you have never signed up before. I bet you will forever sign up now!
JohansenWest said…
Hope you're having a blast in Vegas, cuz guess what? You're missing yet another monthly all staff performance meeting. Those are way more fun when you're around. :P
Candice said…
Good for people to know.

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