Happy Birthday Charity!

This is a brief shout-out to Charity, who recently turned 25!

Happy Birthday!

Here we are at lunch: (Not the best picture of us by any means. But, hey, it was self-taken since we couldn't flag someone down to take it.)

And here is her birthday party: (the picture of her blowing out candles unfortunately did not turn out.) (There were other people there as well but we didn't take any other pictures.)


Charity said…
aw happiness! thanks for taking pictures!
Kris said…
Cake looks good. Who made it?
Lechelle said…
That was me yelling at you for your Office inexperience. C'mon, it's on season 3 or 4 already.
And I agreem Mint.com is wonderful, we love it. It even has an iphone application so I can check it anytime.

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