Sniff. Austin and I are moving out of our first home we made as a married couple. I'm sad and excited to go. I took a few pics of the old apt that I will post at a later date. (EDIT: THE PICS ARE NOW UP) I'm writing now because we don't know how long until we'll get internet set up at our new place. It might be *gasp* a few weeks. How will we survive without the internet? We also will have to survive without cable. No cable and no internet?!? What will we do??? Guess we'll have to actually interact with one another. Maybe we'll actually start working out or working on our novel.

I would write more, but it's one in the morning, and we've got people coming over in eight hours to help us move. We're almost done packing up. Sigh.

I would like to give thanks to my wonderful, macho husband who has moved so much of our stuff over to our new place. Maybe the experience will help me convince him he really needs to go to the doctor. Anyway, adieu until we get networked in.


lynette said…
I understand your moving woes! I wish my husband was as helpful as yours is about moving. The first 4 moves we had together Ammon did about 5% of the work... thank goodness this last time the company sent movers!
Heather said…
Yes, get Austin to the doctor!!! Ryan and I still remember him painfully limping alot when we visited Utah. THIS is important Austin! Especially when the children come along!

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