Is This the Miracle I've Been Dreaming Of?

So Sorry. Disney songs in my head. So, good news. Austin found a new job just like I knew he would. He starts a week from Monday, which is extremely fortunate as this was to be his last week at QualitySmith. This means that he will not have any days of unemployment. We're grateful that the company gave them two weeks notice before they were ultimately laid off.

His new job is at a place called MarketPartner. They help out new companies that are just starting out with their marketing, brochures, websites, and the like. Austin will be a CSR (Customer Service Representative.) He will not have to be doing sales. They have salespeople for that. He will be checking up on customers for renewals and upsales. He'll be making at least what he was at the old place. He has a higher starting base, which is good, but we'll see how he does on his bonuses and stuff. The place also has benefits too which start after 90 days. They may not be as good as the ones we currently have, but we're glad to find a place that offers benefits and so soon.

Sigh. Another 3 months without insurance. Since Austin has only been at QualitySmith for around 4 1/2 months our insurance only recently kicked in. I, fortunately, made appointments for us to take care of things before his insurance at Quality expires. Austin went to the doctor and got a checkup and got his paperwork signed by the doctor to get handicapped placards. Now he just needs to go to the DMV. On Thursday Austin went to the eye doctor and we bought him a new pair of glasses, which he'll receive next week. I'm so excited for him to have new glasses. It'll be nice for him to be able to see properly again. On Tuesday, Austin and I have appts to go see the dentist for checkups. I need my wisdom teeth out, but I hope I'll be able to wait another 3 months without detriment.

Austin is enjoying his classes thus far. He is currently working on some homework before we go to the movies to go see Stardust, a movie I'm anxious to see. I've heard so many good things about it. I'm sure I'll write a review about it later.

Tomorrow is a busy day. Austin has class from 11-2, and then has to go into work from 2-4. Then we have to drive up to Price for Steve's (yes my ex-bf) wedding. While Austin is at class I have to drive up to Riverton so I can return some shipping material to Nana and Grandpa (Austin's mother's parents.) They graciously bought me a white gold necklace for graduation; however, when it arrived they discovered it was not what they ordered so they're sending it back. I also need to go to Walmart and go grocery shopping and deposit my check. I'm sad to go grocery shopping without Austin. I don't think I've done it since we've been married. We always go together. Maybe I can get HayLee to go with me...

I still haven't heard from Covenant. :( According to their last email to me, I should hear no later than sometime this coming week. I'm hoping it will be good news. I need to find a job soon. Preston is starting preschool so I will only be with the boys on Tuesday and Thursday now. I'm excited for him to go to preschool. I think he'll greatly enjoy it. I've loved my time with the boys. I'm grateful for the opportunity I've had to spend more time with them and get to know them better. I love them all so much. I've missed Tyson since he's gone back to school. Soon I will invite the boys over to spend the night. They've been asking me for a while now.

That's it for now. I have one more story to share before I go though. Last night Austin's friends Bret & Lori Allen came over for dinner. We had a good time. However, it was a hectic experience trying to get everything ready. I took a nap and overslept (I had intended to get the house all clean before Austin got home for work.) So with less than an hour before they were to show up we hurried to get the place clean and dinner cooked. We made baked potatoes, chicken, and broccoli. We didn't have time to cook the potatoes the "good" way (in the oven), so we put them in the microwave. The moisture from the potatoes shorted out the microwave. So we thrust them into the toaster oven only to discover all but ONE of our outlets had shorted. Also our dishwasher and refrigerator had shorted out as well. Fun. So we crammed everything into the one outlet we had left. Fortunately the broccoli (that I cooked in the steamer) had finished so we were able to plug the Foreman and the toaster oven in so we could cook the chicken and potatoes. We still hadn't finished everything when they arrived. Austin was freaking out because we couldn't find a fusebox and of course our landlord is only open during business hours. Fortunately we got everything ready in time for a frazzled dinner and we played Scene it! Disney version and afterwards went out to get frozen yogurt at Provo Fro-Yo, my new favorite ice cream place.

Fast forward several hours... Austin's cousin (who just moved to Utah to attend BYU) came over cuz he needed a ride to the train station. I thought we might check the outlet the fridge was plugged in and see if it had a reset switch because I was worried all our food was spoiled. Austin moved the fridge and lo and behold!...the fusebox. He reset it, and all of our appliances and outlets went back to normal.

So the story wasn't short. Well, it's my blog and I'm entitled to write as long or as short as I'd like. You, fortunately, have the choice of reading it.

Okay, Austin's now bugging me to get ready for the movie. So off I go!


lynette said…
Oh, man! That brings back memories. When we lived in Provo, the fusebox always needed resetting in our condo. Eventually it wouldn't reset and it was like 12:00 at night so we called an electrician and they said it was due to faulty electrical work and we'd been living in a fire hazard! Hope yours was just a one-time thing!
How was Stardust?
hhferguson said…
Glad that Austin got a job...crisis averted. I am going to be going grocery shopping during the days now so maybe we could go together sometime. :)
Heather said…
Glad that things are looking up. Looks like things will get better with Austin having a job.

Looks like life is back to normal with dinners, movies, and ice cream.

Enjoy your grocery trip alone. When the kids come.... it will NEVER EVER happen again!

And you will dream of the days of when you once went shopping alone, going to the bathroom alone, taking a shower without some screaming crisis in the other room.....

Funny about the fusebox...i need to tell you the story of the apt thermometer in my first apt with Ryan someday...
Anonymous said…
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