Today I took my last final E V E R. I'm proud to say I did well. I got 100%. Now if only I had done this well my entire college career my GPA would be looking a little nicer. But I could care less about my GPA. I'm a college graduate! Tomorrow is my graduation. I'm excited, but also a teensy bit sad and of course I'm overwhelmed. I've been defining my whole life and identity for the last 17 years as a student. What am I going to do now? It's weird that I'm not going back to school ever again. (Also glorious.) I've been working part-time and going to school full-time for so long it's going to be weird once I finally start working again.

No more boring classes that I have to decide whether or not I'll make the effort to show up, no more late-night studying, no more boring/pointless reading, no more ridiculous assignments, no more PAPERS, no more getting sick during every finals week like clockwork, no more forcing myself to go to school despite the fact I look like crap, no more Testing Center, no more powerpoints, no more notetaking, no more feeble attempts to find friends (knowing I will only use them for notes), no more crappy food from the CougarEat, no more buying overpriced textbooks, no more spending over 30 minutes to find a parking spot only to have to walk 15 minutes to class anyway, no more group projects, no more tuition, no more walking around BYU campus, and no more skipping sleep to do all the above.

I am finished with all of that. I wish I could say I have no regrets, but that unfortunately is impossible. I will not, however, regret graduating. Though I don't know where the future will lead me, I am proud of my accomplishment. I never was top of the class; I didn't get a stellar GPA; I never gave it 100%, but the one thing I also never did was give up. Of course I will always wish I tried harder, did better, made more friends, socialized more, but I will never regret that I finished my education anyway.

I can now and forever present myself as Tracie B., B.A. English, Brigham Young University, Class of 2007.

I did it!


lynette said…
kristyl104 said…
Tracie, Enjoyed reading your no more's. I have to agree with you on a lot of them. I know that you will look back and wished you had put more effort into it, I know that I do in my life. I have a lot of "I wish I had done this". But, on the other hand-I am so proud of you, (as well as all of my children in what ever they endeavor to do.) You can proudly say, "I'm a college graduate." That's something that I can't do at this time. I will say that in the last nine years I feel that I have contributed to society by sub-teaching. It is a very rewarding experience for me. Congrats Tracie, Love you tons.
Cheryl said…
Congratulations! Thats such a great accomplishment, being a college graduate. It must feel good to be DONE with school. I had to laugh at some of your no mores. Because even though you won't ever do them at BYU ever again, those unfortunately don't go away they just come in different forms.
Hope you have a great celebration and exhilarating walk to get your diploma. Good Job.
Heather said…
Been there with your "no mores" from going to college for four years. But you got a BA out of it, while I only worked for a AS out of it. Congrats on following through, and finishing what you started!

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