The New Apartment

So we're all moved in now. We're not all unpacked yet, but we will be before the week is over. Then I'll just need to buy cute decorations...

So we obviously have internet. We pick up a really weak signal. We'll still get our own internet set up in a few months. Not only do we not have cable, but the TV doesn't work at all. We're not even getting local channels. We can still watch movies and stuff, but we haven't had time for that yet.

I really LOVE my new apartment. I don't even miss our old place. This place is just much nicer and feels more like home. I just like it much better. I'll post pics later when it's all finished.

Good news! Austin got a promotion at work. He gets a raise starting next week! Woo-hoo!

Bad news. Still haven't heard back from Covenant. I'm beginning to think that I'm NOT going to get the job which will be depressing.

The one downside to this place is that it takes me twice as long now to get to Springville to nanny the kids. Lucky Austin is now only 5 mins away from work. And we're close to UVSC. It's okay that things are inconvenient for me as our first year of marriage was a lot more convenient for me. Austin would drive me to school and work and we were close to school for me. But now it's his turn. He's finally registering! Yay! I'm so proud of him for going back to school. He's currently thinking of majoring in Art & Visual Communications. I'm 100% behind him. I'm so excited for him to go back to school. I'll be able to help him. The only sad part is that I will miss him at night as he'll be taking night classes. This semester he's just going to take a math and an English class, which I think is an awesome start. He'll probably take classes all year long to make it so he graduates sooner.

On an unrelated note, I sprained my elbow a couple of days ago. I irritated it moving and then really hurt it pushing the kids on the swing. They like to go "really high" and "really fast." And I like to be a good aunt. It hurt really, really bad, but it's finally starting to get a little bit better. I still can't straighten it all the way, but I think it'll be better in a day or two.

I haven't been feeling very well lately. I've been having difficulty sleeping, and I'm tired all the time. I've also been feeling nauseous and sore. It's probably from all the recent (over)excitement in my life. I'm hoping I'll start feeling better soon.

Well, I've got to be going. There's stuff I need to get done around the apt. So TTFN.


lynette said…
Hope you and your elbow make a speedy recovery!
kristyl104 said…
Tracie, I really liked your apartment too. When I walked in it felt more like home to me too. Have fun deciding on where to put things. That's half the fun of moving. Redoing. Congrats to Austin for his move toward his education.
Cheryl said…
I'm so glad you like your apartment. I need to come see it. Thats great about Austin with the promotion and starting school. Very exciting. I'm sorry about your arm. You are a great Aunt, and you will be a great mom, its amazing the things you do for your kids.
I hope you are feeling better, if you need to rest and recover from the move and school and take a few days off, that is totally fine. Sometimes, you just have to stop and take a break.
Maybe you are....Pregnant.... :) Just a thought!
Heather said…
congrats on the new apt. sorry about the elbow. and I can understand that lack of energy and sleep. pregnant? if not, then Tracie, get yourself to a doctor too! sorry to be so blunt, but that last few posts have mentioned in different ways about the lack of sleep and well-being, so something is going on. try some vitamins from a bottle with all the "B's". it seems to be helping me.

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