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Austin and others have been complaining that I haven’t been updating frequently enough. So, here I am updating on the last week or so. On March 4, I, along with AJ, threw Heidi a baby shower. We had a “spring” theme and it was a “friends” shower. (Shera had thrown Heidi a ward/family shower in December.) AJ graciously did the invites and mailed them out while I was still in Texas for Austin and me’s trip. Since I don’t get home until 6:30 usually and the shower was set to start at 7, I planned to get everything done the night before. I left work an hour early and stopped at Walmart for groceries and Heidi’s gift. I then returned home and started cleaning the house. I cleaned furiously and prepared the spinach artichoke dip that was to be cooked the following night. I also made sugar cookie dough and placed it in the fridge to chill while I finished cleaning the house. Austin and I were still technically housesitting for my parents and so we went over there to bake and frost the sugar cookies. (The house was clean at this point and I didn’t want to dirty it up again. Plus we still had our stuff over at my parent’s house and we needed to tidy up since we were not staying over again that night since Taylor was staying at Trent and Jess’s. (Ironically, Taylor was only there Wednesday and Thursday night. Friday-Monday night Taylor was with Trent. Austin and I stayed at my parent’s house over the weekend out of laziness. And their bed is comfy. We also had a LOST marathon.)
So on to the sugar cookies. I don’t make them often because one, they’re a lot of work; two, it’s not a good idea to bake sweets when you’re trying to lose weight; and three, they’re a lot of work. The dough turned out good. It did take me a while to roll them out, but I eventually got it after adding more flour. While they were baking I attempted to make my mom’s frosting. And I failed miserably. I made several batches but could never get it right. It tasted wrong! Mom, please help me get your frosting right. I think it’s the best, but I can never manage to make it the same. I think the approximate recipe you gave me was wrong. So my frosting was thin, runny, and weird-tasting. I did a crappy job of frosting them. I burned one batch of cookies out of stupidity. (They needed another minute and I forgot to set a new minute.) After finishing my sad cookies, I had to clean the kitchen. (Austin fortunately had packed up our stuff and tidied up while I was baking.) So, finally, at one in the morning we arrived home where I crashed into bed, exhausted. While my sugar cookies didn’t turn out the way I wanted, it seems people liked them. Though not many were eaten at the actual shower, (But in all fairness there was lots of other good food, and AJ brought crepes which naturally beat out sugar cookies.) the cookies were devoured the next day as Austin and I took them to school and work respectively. My spinach artichoke dip, fortunately, did turn out though it was a little on the dry side, but was still delicious and eaten completely.
The actual shower went well. We had a nice turnout and Heidi scored some nice swag. I got her a bouncer, which I hope her baby enjoys.
Okay, so on Wednesday I found out my great grandma died, which was sad. However, Heather decided to come up, which was a happy surprise. Saturday was the funeral. Austin couldn’t attend because he had class. It was sad (the funeral that is), but I felt the spirit and I learned a few things about my grandma, which was nice. Saturday was also my cousin’s baby shower. The baby was there as Ashley went into labor two weeks early. She is very young, but she seemed totally smitten with her baby. It made me want a baby, but that’s for another time.
After the shower I invited Heather over to our new apartment. (New to her anyway, she hadn’t seen it yet.) Though I had texted and called Austin several times to clean the apartment before we got there, he did not get them and so I ushered Heather into our messy apartment and she fortunately overlooked the mess. Austin, Heather, and I talked for about three hours, which was a lot of fun to spend some personal time together. I particularly liked that Austin got a chance to talk to Heather, something he hasn’t really been able to do. I apologize to the family that we did not join the family dinner to Wingers that just about everyone else went to. The three of us were not hungry at the time. (Though Austin did pick us up some Panda several hours later.)
Sunday night we celebrated my dad’s birthday over at Tyler’s house with a typical McNeil dinner: porkchops, fruit, broccoli, corn, jello, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Also featured were Tyler’s cheesy carrots which everybody but me loved. We played Guitar Hero II and tried out Tyler’s new Wii game American Idol, which, sad to say, did not work out as planned as the microphone and sound were not working properly. However, the night was saved by Cheryl’s dessert, which is known by a choice name that I will not reveal her as I have grandparents that read this. ;-)
So, since I knew Heather was coming to visit, I thought this would be a perfect time to take some time off of work. I took Monday, which HayLee also had off. I slept in as Austin and I got to bed at two in the morning, which was partially due to Austin procrastinating his paper. (Also, who gets up early on a day off?) Anyway, so HayLee, Heather, Mom, and I went to lunch at Bajio’s at Riverwoods. We then went to Bath & Bodyworks where I picked up some killer lipgloss. We also stopped in at Vickie’s, (that's what my mom calls Victoria Secret) but I think only Mom got something. We then went to the nail place in the Harmon’s strip mall to get pedicures. (Except for HayLee who thinks pedicures are a waste, so she got acrylic nails instead.) It took a really, really long time mostly because there were more people than there were workers. But they did do a good job and I enjoyed it. I love my new hot pink toenails. Too bad it’s too early for sandal weather. (I know it’s too early as I wore sandals yesterday in anticipation of a pedicure and my feet were freezing the entire day.) After the pedicure we went back to my mom’s house and chilled. Hay and I talked with Jessica for a little bit, who had stopped over, while Mom and Heather broke out their scrapbook stuff. I had convinced Austin to come home early so I went home and cuddled with Austin and looked at some pictures before going to the mall. The trip to the mall had two purposes: one, buy a new bra, and two, buy new shoes. I needed a new bra really, really badly as the one I was wearing was a hand-me-down, wornout thing. (I still have barely worn ones as I was much skinnier when I first got married then I am now. I am working on getting back down to that size.) So I got a new, expensive pink bra, which I realized didn’t fit properly when I got home. I’m not returning it though since I tend to fluctuate in weight, particularly in that area, quite frequently and rapidly. So after purchasing my new pink uplifter, I decided that it was about time for me to get some high heels. So I bought a pair of black, classic-looking, but still fashionably ones that hurt my feet. But, seriously, are there any high heels that don’t hurt? But I do need them since I am almost 24 and I know I will look much more presentable in my church clothes. (Though they also look good with jeans, but I know I won’t wear them often with jeans unless limited walking around is planned.)
Austin and I then returned home. I felt like a spoiled little princess. But the spoilage did not end there as Austin had surprisingly bought me Friends season 3. (He bought it used online and it happened to arrive that day.) So, Austin and I watched almost all of the first disc (after having returned to my parent’s house briefly to retrieve my forgotten leftovers and say goodbye to Heather). I then went to bed, tired, but grateful for my day off. It was much needed. I do wish we had gotten to bed earlier as I woke up in the dark, tired, grumpy, and confused. I love Daylight Saving Time as it means more light in the night. But waking up this morning and it still being dark was not fun. It made me feel much more tired and disoriented. It’s easier waking up with the sun. But I won’t complain too much as it means I will return home and it’ll still be light outside! I just can’t wait until my body adjusts to the time change. It always takes me awhile.
And now I’m done.
EDIT: Oh, and a Happy Birthday to my Fajha, whose official 54th birthday is today.


Austin said…
hooray! that was a great post, thanks for updating, princess! that wasn't so horrible, was it?

keep the great posts coming, even though none of that information was new to me (being your husband/ puppy dog means i tend to follow you around quite a bit) i still enjoyed it, and am sure everyone else does too!
lynette said…
Wow! I'm not sure how you even remembered all of that... sounds like your life has been a whirlwind!
Heather said…
had a GREAT time with you and Austin, so much fun! Loved our girl day off together.

(it was actually Bath and Body Works, and Victoria Secret's for the girlie stuff)

looks like you had just as a busy weekend as I did!

Daylights Savings Time.

On behalf of 'some people', thank you! We should play some time.
Kris said…
so when is the next post coming Tracie???

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