The Dreaded Snow Returns, Making Me Scrap Off Ice From My Car & Drive On Icy Roads Through Traffic To Finally Arrive At Work One Hour Late

Snow, snow go away
Come again another day
(But not in May)
Maybe just on Christmas Day?


Rhea said…
Awesome snowflake picture! And, definitely one of the longest post titles I've ever seen. lol Glad you made it to work ok, even if it was late. Scary.
JohansenWest said…
Love the poem! And I felt equally disenfranchised with the weather. What kind of horrible betrayal is this?
Jen said…
When I heard it was snowing I felt all your pain, and I was glad I wasn't there in the snowy white out cold. I Love your poem!
Kris said…
The only thing that made dealing with the snow was the report on the news. We are out of the drought in our area, not in southern Utah, but for us yea.
JohansenWest said…
hey yeah, "the prestige" the book is very interesting ... oddly enough i think i actually liked the movie better, though. weird, that doesn't happen often. hey yeah you should write something! :)
Heather said…
just move to Tucson already! Leah and Matthew got sunburned in the backyard during our beautiful 80 degree high for the day.

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