Work It Out

Ok, so many of you know that I have long fought the battle of the bulge. It’s something that I’ve always had to work on. I’ve never been able to eat what I want, and I’ve always had to work really hard to get into shape. I really do like to workout, but I’m often tired or feel I don’t have the time. Austin and I have been trying to lose weight since the beginning of November. And while I must admit that we do workout more frequently than we did when we were first married (which was almost nil), we still haven’t lost weight because of our inconsistency. I’ve done really good for a week and lost a pound, and then gained it back the very next week. It’s been like that for months now. The problem is it is really, really hard for me to start working out if I haven’t worked out in a while. And once I am working out, if I miss a day, I’m screwed because my motivation goes out the window for some reason. So it’s been depressing trying to get back in the habit because working out for 30 minutes consistently has been really tough. But now I have found a solution:

My favorite workout company ( just released a new workout with my favorite trainer. I was excited to read the new workout was called 10 Minute Trainer. Yes, that’s right. A TEN MINUTE workout. I ordered it a few weeks ago and I got it on Monday. And I’ve done it every day since. I really have no excuses anymore. I mean, how can I not fit 10 minutes of exercise in my life? The best part? The workouts are awesome! They’re intense and I feel I really get a great workout despite the fact that it’s only 10 minutes. Sometimes I’ve felt that those 10 minutes are a better workout than many other longer programs I’ve done. The cool thing is you feel your entire body getting a workout at the same time since all of the moves are “super stacked” so that you are constantly and efficiently working out your whole body at the same time! There are five different programs I can do: Total Body, Cardio, Lower Body, Abs, or Yoga Flex. I’ve tried all but Yoga Flex, and I love it! I’m slowly going to work myself up to working out an hour a day. And once I do, I know now I won’t slack off a day now because if I have a day where 60, 45, 30, or even 20 minutes seems too much, I know that I can still get some exercise in because I can always do 10 minutes. So, I'll keep you posted and let you know how it goes with


Rhea said…
It's nice to find a fresh, new workout that works. I'm sorry about your job interview. Happy Easter!
Heather said…
will have to check that out.
Charlo said…
You can come play tennis with me... or volleyball, or bike ride, or hike, or swim or whatever.

I'm trying to be healthier and more active, and My only motivation seams to be having fun.

Also, if this helps, I've been convinced that loosing weight is hard when your body is in dehydration mode, so make a conscious effort to drink water. Even if you don't get enough, as long as you drink more than you have been, that is good.
Let me know if this really works! I would TOTALY buy it if it does! I am the same as you- I love to work out, but consistency in that area is SOOO hard for me, and you really need consistency in order to make any difference. 10 minutes, however, I think I could handle.
Kris said…
Good luck with the workout. Hang in there. When the weather gets warmer we want to get out and DO. Have fun with the new workout.

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