Me, in pictures

Favorite color:

Favorite animal:

Bad habit:

Favorite food:
Favorite object:

Town I live in:

My name:

My favorite band:

My job:

Favorite author:

Place I would like to travel:

Favorite dessert:

Okay, Austin, I did it. Now you can be happy. :)


Austin said…
hooray! now i'm happy!

wasn't that fun?

now tell us about heidi's shower, or about your fun day yesterday! we love tracie posts and always want more!
encore encore!!!! I am tired of having to read Austin's blog to see what you are up to . . . no offense Austin! :)
lynette said…
Glad to see you back in the Blogosphere! Great pictures!
Rhea said…
Nice favorite things montage!!
Heather said…
love the photo idea you and austin did.

will copy it.

someday soon.

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