Wake Up & Smell the Overbearing Perfume

I hate flowery perfume. What I hate even more are women who wear flowery perfume so strongly the smell persists even if they have vacated the room. Ever worse than that is women who wear said perfume in an attempt to cover up the smell of cigarettes. Then I have to deal with overly strong perfume AND smoke. Wonderful. Today’s experience reminded me of my English Honors class in 11th grade with Mrs. Bestor. I would dread every single day that I had the class, and not just because Mrs. Bestor was kind of a jerk. The smell of perfume in her classroom was so strong that it leached out the closed door into the hallway. But that wasn’t the worst part, oh no. Besides the perfume that was so thick you could see the fumes, Mrs. Bestor had to have the temperature stifling hot every day of the year, which made for a toxic combination: extreme heat and overbearing perfume. It was like a torture chamber of the worst kind. I would get headaches and struggle to stay awake, knowing if I fell asleep the punishment would be worse than a reprimand from the teacher. No, falling asleep would result in a perfume-induced coma from which no one could hope to recover.


Rhea said…
My hubby smokes and I can't stand it. I know when he's trying to be sweet when he goes to use the mouth wash and soap to clean up to cuddle with me. lol

My mil overdoes her perfume. She sprays is constantly and it's so strong I almost puke. Her whole car reeks of it, her clothes...when she stays in our guest room it reaks of it. I don't know if people's noses get immune to their own perfume or what, but I'm with you, can't stand it! I'd just like to smell CLEAN, not flowery.
I especially liked that there were very few girls in the class who dressed as scandalously as her! There is no better way to start the day than seeing leathery and wrinkled cleavage!!
Charity said…
Ugh. Very vivid description of a memory. I am both impressed and a bit grossed out. :P
Anonymous said…
So have we finished the Tracie and Austin story, or is there more to come?
Heather said…

I loved Mrs Bester in English class! (1989-1992)

I remember that she dressed really sharp, classic, and cute. She was the cutest and nicest teacher.

Maybe she really aged over the years or something, and needed perfume to FEEL cute.

And yes, she always did show her cleavage.

At least I really liked her husband Kurt's music
Kris said…
Sad thing was, I bought this said perfume and really liked it, until Tracie about gagged when she smelt it on me. (is smelt a word?) Hahaha. Anyway, this said perfume went out the door. Too bad, it was $50 bucks a bottle.

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