Friday Night

For once, Austin's giving me a chance to tell everyone what's going on. For all of you who have been complaining that I haven't been posting as regularly, blame Austin. It's no fun to write about stuff he's already written about. So, the other day I found randomly a list of events going on in Utah county. One of them was at the Museum of People & Cultures on BYU campus. The activity was called "Culture-Me-Mine." It was a date night activity consisting of looking at the museum's exhibit, a clay sculpting competition, a scavenger hunt, and couple's feud. (It also consisted of eating yummy brownies and cookies.) All for the low, low price of $5 a person. It was a pretty fun night. Austin and I had the chance to do something different for a date, and it was cheap! What more could you ask for? (Well, I guess you could ask for more, but I won't.)

You can see the "Man on a Couch" sculpture that Austin and I made together. It was pretty fun. And we won best couple entry. :) Free ice cream at the BYU Creamery for us. Woo-hoo! Since the activity was taking place at BYU, it's not that difficult to conceive that most of the people there were BYU students. It was really fun during the sculpting part because Austin and I weren't talking at all. We were really focusing on our sculpture since we only had a limited time. The people around us were asking such questions as "How many in your family? Where you from? I'd guess you're the middle child. etc." It's so funny how you just don't talk as much when you're married and it's perfectly okay. I didn't feel awkward or anything that Austin and I weren't making small talk. We're perfectly comfortable with each other.

It was so interesting to watch all the different couples and tell their "status" just by watching them. The first or second daters with all their small talk questions and trying to make each other laugh. The boyfriend/girlfriend people who were a little more comfortable. The engaged couple draped over each other the entire time. And the married couples barely communicating. After the sculpting contest we did a scavenger hunt where we tried to find objects and information from the museum. Alas, Austin and I lost this one. If only I had paid more attention when we were first given the opportunity to peruse the gallery. The couple's feud consisted of our guide asking questions about the information she had given us on a short tour of the museum and random questions. When Austin and I were up, the question we received was "What is your date's last name?" I snatched the marker first and thus was rewarded by being the one to answer the question. Of course, it was supremely easy as it is my last name too. I mentioned to the rest of the people that we were married and all had a good laugh.

After our time at the museum ended, we decided to walk around the neighborhood since we hadn't gotten our exercise in yet for the day. (Austin and I have made a vow to work out every day doing some form of exercise no matter how long or short it is. We started Monday and haven't missed a day yet.) The walk was nice. It was a nicer neighborhood to walk around then ours. We then came home and I played Diablo while Austin watched YouTube stuff and Arrested Development online. And that was our Friday night. How was yours?


Heather said…
That is so cool Tracie! I just miss doing the fun and cheap dates like that with Ryan.

Make sure to really enjoy these kind of times with Austin before it is all over, and all the kids that will eventually come and take up all your free time. (trust me, it is still worth it too)
Heather said…
and I forgot to mention:
Friday night I went to bed early!

As the Bear scout den assistant leader, I got the most "joyous" opportunity to take 10 cub scouts to their all day cub scout camp on the following Saturday from 7 am to 5 pm in the 100 degree weather with a million activities and things to do.

Believe me, many scouters and leaders spent more time near the hose and drinking fountain than we did with other activities.

Most importantly, Cade had a blast!
Congratulations on your award winning masterpiece! How fun :)
Kris said…
As Heather has mentioned, enjoy these precious moments with your husband, when the kids come those opportunities become less frequent. I need to check with you on how to find all these cool things to do, you're amazing Tracie. The sculpture was great!!

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