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This weekend was quite the whirlwind for Austin and me. (Yes, this is correct usage. See CACCAAA for more information. I will soon write an entry on this subject.) Anyway, quite the whirlwind. First of all, good news! I found out on Friday that I’m going to be a work-from-home editor! I will be working a few days here at the office, but I believe the majority of my time will be spent working from home. I am quite excited about this for a number of reasons. I will be saving a lot of money on gas (with me currently having to fill up every 4 work days and gas being about $50 to fill up now). I will be saving lots of time (with the average commute being around 2 hours daily). I will be able to get more sleep on a regular basis as I won’t have to drive into work. It also works out great with our current plans. We also won’t have to move anymore, which we were both dreading. Now, on to the rest of the weekend!
Charity and James came over for dinner Friday night. I made Tomato & Basil Margherita Pizza and a side green salad. Charity brought over a yummy fruit salad. Dinner was delicious. The company was superb. :)
Saturday was the day of Austin’s SVU Reunion, which was up in Centerville. Austin got to see a lot of old friends and reminisce. We then stopped over briefly in Riverton to see Austin’s family, who are in town for a short time. Then, we went to go pick up my friend Brittnee in Salt Lake. We drove down to Provo where we met Matt (Brittnee’s fiancĂ©) at Guru’s. We all had delicious dinner there together. (I absolutely LOVED my Southwest Wrap. Yummy!) We then went back to our place briefly where I awkwardly worked out in front of Matt & Brittnee. (See other entry on this subject.)
The four of us then headed over to Orem Summerfest. It was crazy! There were SO many people there. I couldn’t believe it. We looked at the few booths and then fought the crowds to get to Smiths so we could get some cash as none of us had cash and the booths weren’t taking cards. (Seriously, who carries cash anymore these days?) With the newly gotten cash I was able to get amaretto ice cream from Subzero, which was really cool. They literally make the ice cream in front of you using liquid nitrogen. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. My ice cream was really good too, so I’m going to have to go there again. We also got some yummy kettle corn.
We then headed off to the field to claim a spot for the fireworks and eat our munchies. I broke out my glowsticks that I got for my birthday from Brett & Charlotte (Thanks guys!). We played around with the glowsticks until the fireworks started. I love glowsticks. They’re so much fun. They totally remind me of being a kid and begging my dad every year to buy me one at Summerfest. I had saved the ones I got from B&C just for this event. I still have more to use for the Fourth of July. So, we watched the fireworks and we had a totally awesome view so that was nice. Heidi and Aaron were going to meet up with us for fireworks, but alas, they couldn’t find us until after the fireworks were over. But we did meet up and talk for a while, despite the bike cop that was telling us to immediately leave the park as it was closed. It was pretty funny. The cop couldn’t have been that much older than us and he was treating us like we were kids instead of the fully grown up adults that we are. So after our chatter we walked back to the car and Brittnee and Matt stayed and chatted with us for a while. Thanks for hanging out with us, Brittnee and Matt. We really enjoyed our time with you.
Sunday was another busy day. We drove up to Riverton again to visit with Austin’s family. We played Wizard and enjoyed truffles and saltwater taffy. Then we drove to Pleasant Grove to go to the McNeil Annual Father’s Day Potluck. I ate WAY too much food, but it was so good and I was so hungry at the time. Sack races were held, and I tried my hips at hula-hooping, only to be bested by both Aunt Sharon and Nicole, my younger cousin. Austin and I then went home where I attempted to clean our house somewhat as we hadn’t had time all weekend. I washed a few loads of laundry and baked a loaf of banana bread. And that’s our weekend in a nutshell. I hope all the fathers out there had a wonderful Father’s Day!


Charity said…
I have been craving more of your pizza ever since we left your house on Friday night. That was SO good. Thanks again for inviting us, we had a really great time. We went to the summerfest too, btw- we got there just a little before the fireworks (also had no cash) and found a great spot right by the porta-potties. :) No one was there already, imagine that?
Heather said…
That sounded like so much fun! I miss the Orem Summerfest! (remember the time I "lost" HayLee?)

And I miss doing the annual Father's Day potluck. I went to 2 of them after I married, and before I moved away.
Heather said…
And Congrats on the work issue! The savings on gas alone will be such a blessing! Neato!
Kris said…
Happy to know that you will be on the road a lot less. Not that you are a bad driver, it's that there are so many on the road that are not good drivers. You will enjoy working from home. Just remember to get dressed once in a while. :)
Charlo said…
Was it the Utah Truffles? I lvoe those truffles. I bought some for them for their anniversary, and then Brett told me Gpa wen't to the factory and bought a bunch at major discount. I am jelous. I will have to visit said factory and get my own hoard of precious chocolate.

I adore working from home. I think it should be a trend.

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