10 years ago I was...
a geeky teenager in junior high spending all of my free time with Heidi

5 years ago I was...
living on my own for the very first time, waiting for Steve to go on his mission, and about to meet Jonathan and go through that whole disaster.

1 year ago I was...
living in Provo and taking summer classes and nannying the boys. I miss them :(

Yesterday I was... (at the time I started this)
Working from home (woo-hoo!) and visiting Austin's family

5 favorite snacks...
Anything and everything chocolate
Apples & other fruit
Fro-Yo (best frozen yogurt EVER!)
Western Family string cheese

5 favorite books...
The Princess Bride
The Death & Life of Superman
Harry Potter 1-7
Tale of Two Cities

5 Favorite movies...
The Princess Bride
Ferris Bueller's Day Off/Better Off Dead
The Little Mermaid
Ever After
10th Kingdom (technically a miniseries)

Honorable Mentions:
Star Wars Original Trilogy, When Harry Met Sally, Almost Heroes, Liar Liar, Moulin Rouge, Never Been Kissed

5 favorite places to runaway to...
My parent's house
My bed with a good book
The bathtub
Austin's arms

5 bad habits...
Biting my nails
Nagging Austin
Having poor self-control when it comes to sweets

5 things I would never wear...
Leather pants
Shoulder pads
Ridiculously oversized bags/purses
Really high stiletto heels

5 pet peeves...
Judgmental/self righteous people
Being accused of something I didn't do
People who don't watch or take care of their kids
Snoring/loud noises

5 things I enjoy...
Sims 2/WOW

5 favorite TV shows...
Arrested Development
American Idol
Lois & Clark
Classics: (Simpsons, Friends, Seinfeld, Home Improvement, Frasier, etc.)
Others: What Not to Wear, Iron Chef, Good Eats (back when we still had TV)

5 people I would like to meet...

Dead (or not on the earth, currently):
George Washington
Martin Luther King Jr.
President Hinckley (never got to meet him)

Stephen King
Members of Barenaked Ladies
Dean Cain
George W. Bush


Kris said…
Liked your comments. I had a hard time thinking of what I wanted to say on my tag and you hit the head on some of the things I would have said. Loved it.
Amanda said…
Umm- I loved this post! That is all.
Charity said…
bery bery nice! fun to read about you and your life.
Charlo said…
Shoulder pads,I should have thought of that one. Many a mother daughter battle over that one, until mother dearest saw the light.
Heather said…
Shoulder pads, I used to think they were cool in the seventh grade. Making me more sophisicated that I really was. Ugh.

Funny how a lot of things we have in common, when we used to think we had nothing in common. I put that towards me being in college, and you in the 4th grade.

A few years later, we have lots in common now! Now just one more thing to really be more like me....baby bump and more.

Have fun catching up (ha ha ha)

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