Today at work I got tired of sitting on my butt, so I walked down all 16 flights of stairs and took a minute to walk around outside. It was glorious there. It was warm (unlike the often subarctic temperatures inside) and sunny with a gentle breezing carrying the scent of what I like to call “the great outdoors.” I then bemoaned the fact that I spend much of my life inside during the wonderful daylight hours. How I mourn for my lost youth. I miss having a summer: no school, no work besides maybe 2 or 3 hours, and all the free time in the world to spend outside. I can’t wait until I can be a stay-at-home mom if nothing other than the fact that I will be able to take my kids outside several times a week so they and I can enjoy one of God’s greatest gifts.

(p.s. I do understand that being a mom is time-consuming, entails hard work, and requires lots of patience. My desires to be a mom go beyond my simple desire to quit my 40-hour work week plus 2-hour daily commute job.)


Heather said…
Your breather is coming sooner or later.

And then you are really gonna need to take a "BREATHER" and you are never going to get away from your kids!

just a little ps warning.

And send some of your sub artic temps my way to Tucson!
Kris said…
It nice to have some good weather to enjoy. I love the sunshine. Always have. Yes, pushing your little ones around the block in a stroller is relaxing and enjoyable, until #2 comes along. Haha.

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