Calling in Sick

Well, I would've caught up on blog entries this weekend if Morgan didn't decide it was a great time for him to get sick for the first time. Poor kid. He didn't understand why his tummy hurt and throwing up scared him. It was quite the adventure involving many towels.

We're a bit worried about him because it's day 3 and he still hasn't eaten more than a couple of bits of anything. Yesterday he wouldn't eat or drink. Today fortunately he has drank some juice and Pedialyte. Still won't eat anything though. I've tried giving him lots of bland foods and stuff. Won't eat. I really hope he starts eating soon. Though I'm less worried as long as he keeps drinking.

So of course I caught the bug from Morgan. I really, really hate vomiting. Of course I don't know anyone who likes it. But I have like an aversion to it, which is bad because it's really hard for me to do it even when I really need to. So now I'm on my second sick day from work and feeling pretty much the worst I've felt since my gallbladder attacks last fall. I hope I get better very soon because I've got work to do and a son and a home and a husband to take care of.

So I'm off to go watch some TV (Pushing Daisies) and drink, hopefully, some juice.


Wendy McMillan said…
My brother Kip likes to throw up but not for the reason you would think.
Charlo said…
Oh... poor tracie. Needs homemade chicken noodle.
Shelly said…
I am so sorry! Is there anything I can do? John only threw up for one day. So did I, come to think of it. It was basically a 24 hour thing for both of us. John actually handled it pretty well. He had never thrown up before either.
I haven't thrown up in at least 3 years. For some reason the flu doesn't get to me. I did get body chills and fevers.

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