Tracie Writes Letters #1

Dear jerks who smashed our pumpkins,

Halloween may be over but that still doesn't give you the right to destroy my pumpkins. I was still planning on carving it; a tradition I look forward to every year. Thanks to you, I'll have to wait until next year. At least you had some sense of decorum and didn't smash Morgan's baby pumpkin.

Upstairs neighbors, I suspect it was your kids because only your kids in this building lack common courtesy, something you have proven yourself devoid of. Thus the cigarette butts that keep landing on my balcony and you continue to lie that you "don't smoke." Yes, the cigarette butts just MAGICALLY appeared on the balcony and MYSTERIOUSLY you and your condo smell like smoke.

Wishing I had better neighbors,



Those dumb pumpkinheads! Hopefully the Headless Horseman will pay them a visit.

Tip: start putting the ciggie butts in a plastic bag for a week. Deliver to their front door myseriously and anonymously with a Note: Excuse me (maybe insert buttheads here?)- you left these poisonous trash lying around. Please dispose of litter in the proper receptacles)

Thus then they will see how much trash they really do flick out on a daily basis. Overall this is a management problem, and you should contact the manager. You have the right to not have poisonous trash lying around.
Guess Today is really not the greatest day you've ever known.

Cheer up, maybe Tonight, Tonight will be better.

Looks like Despite all your rage, you are still just a *old-timey vaudeville cane yanks me offstage*
Charlo said…
What is it with people thinking that they can get away with lying about smoking... They really don't get it that the smell is obvious on their breath, on their clothes, and you can smell the difference when someone smokes indoors.

At least they waited until after halloween to smash it... that shows some minimal restraint.

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