Sorry I haven't had time to update for a while. Austin and I are in the middle of desperately searching for a new place to live. We have to be out in about two weeks, and we don't have anywhere to go yet. We've been looking at a few places. We hope to have a contract in the next couple of days. On top of that I'm trying to finish up my last two weeks of class, finish tests for my job interview, and everything else I normally have to do. Like trying to remain sane.


lynette said…
Good luck on the new apt. search. If you need any ideas I know of a few condos that are really nice, but cheap in Provo!
Heather said…
Why do you have to leave all of sudden? Is your contract up, and you want to live somewhere else? Somewhere close to both your jobs will be a good idea. Since you will be graduating, you will not have to live so close to BYU. Also check out the apts where I used to live in the 1080 South Ellen Circle area in Orem. (by Trailhead building, where you can jump and bounce around) At the time when one bedroom apts were 500 a month 10 years ago, it was 500 a month for a three bedroom apt,for my third apt in 1997 roomy too. Check it out. The landlords there were really fair and honest.

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