Reflections on Buying a Car

So, I FINALLY have my car. Sheesh. What a process. I'm really excited to once again be the owner of a car. No more being carted around! No more begging for rides! FREEEEEEEEDOOOOOOM! (said in William Wallace voice) I haven't driven that much yet. But I love driving it. It is so choice. (Ten bucks if anybody besides Heidi or Austin knows that quote.) So, I was thinking I should start writing again. I mean, I used to write in my lj (livejournal) all the time before dating Austin. Now I never write. And it's not like I really don't have the time. I really do. And let's face it. I can type amazingly fast. Like a tiger.

So back to the car. I bought a 2002 Mitshibushi Lancer. It's shiny and blue and doesn't rain on the inside. I have yet to name it. Those who want to name it, feel free to give suggestions. I will shoot them all down. (Because my ideas will always be better.)

Last Friday was my last day at BYU Broadcasting. I am sad in a way. It's the first job that I've ever had that I felt utilized my talents and was enjoyable and fun in its own way. (Not that walking around a table for 8 hours a day getting paper cuts wasn't fun.... ;) ) I will miss it. But I'm ready to move on. Plus, I would've had to quit in August anyway.

I'm excited. Tomorrow I start my first day of nannying for my nephews. I'm sure I'll have so much fun. I love those kids so much. Plus they're fun and they're sure to keep my on my toes. (which is a good thing since I need the exercise.) Not to mention it'll be good mommy practice for when I have my baby later this year. Haha. Just kidding. Did I get you? Well, it will be good practice anyway.

Well, I'm hungry and for those that know me even remotely well, I don't function very well without food. So let's go make dinner. I shall write again.


kristyl104 said…
Tracie so glad that you finally have FRREEEDDDOOOMMM!!! It almost liberating isn't it! Happy driving. Looking forward to reading your blogs.
Heather said…
I have a great name for your car: Lancelot!

Have fun with the kids. Will be sending you ideas soon for crafts and activities. Check out

They have the coolest ideas. Pick Topic and subject. Scroll down until you find an idea you can implement.

hhferguson said…
You need to post some pictures.
Tracie said…
Yes, I do need to post pictures. I've been trying to unsuccessfully. :(

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