Is This What Being a Mom Is Like?

I gotta admit it. Today was rough. Three children constantly asking for my attention and asking me to help and fix them with everything all at the same time. Crazy. It's a really good thing I was blessed with a lot of patience. Though that patience was tried today. Of course, I still remained in control. It's hard cuz the kids expect me to be able to do everything, which of course isn't possible. I can only do my best, which is what I did.

On an unrelated note, it finally rained giving scorched Utah some much-needed moisture and a brief relief from the unrelenting heat. Of course, it's going to be hot again tomorrow. Good thing I finally bought some comfy long shorts for me to wear when I go over in the mornings.

I really love my car. It drives so nicely and it's SO NICE to finally be in charge of my destinations again.


Troy said…
Yes, that is what it is like to be a parent. Exciting!

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