Shaken Up

I could've killed a child today. I'm not talking about my nephews who were actually much better behaved today. On my way home from Tyler & Cheryl's house, two kids ran out into the middle of the road while I was in the middle of making a turn. I slammed on my brakes. I didn't know whether or not I had hit them. The kids were fortunately not hurt. I don't think I had hit them after all. It made me realize the difficulties of seeing children from a car. It also made me realize that this is something I would break my no-spank rule for. The danger is immense for kids that run out into the street. Cars sometimes do not have time to react. I'm really glad that I saw them in time.

On a lighter note, the kids were well behaved today. I had a lot of fun with them. We did the Hokey Pokey, went to the park, did exercises, started making an "All About Me" book, and had storytime. I have successfully reached the end of my first week with the boys. It's been good. It's been harder in some ways than I anticipated, but easier in others. I look forward to the start of my second week with them. I'm proud to say that they've learned about 12 signs in their first week. I'm impressed with Tyson. He has an amazing memory. And Mason is so enthusiastic. Preston is so much fun as well. I'm enjoying getting to know the boys better. I really feel like this is a good "mommying" experience. I now have a small grasp of the difficulty, but at the same time I feel even more prepared and confident that I am ready to have children of my own. Just not for the next little while.


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