Sweating in My Garments

It's so hot outside. You'd think now that I have a car, I wouldn't walk anywhere anymore. But that is not the case. I choose, deliberately, to walk home from school at three in the afternoon. By the time I get home, I'm a sweaty mess. Just another reason to NOT wear makeup. Thus the clothes get thrown off so I can cool off in the comfort of my dark apartment where the sun, mercifully, does not shine. Did I ever say that I love summer? Well, I do, just not between the hours of noon and five. If I had a full-time job, this wouldn't be a problem, but since I'm still the college student I find myself out and about during the scorching hours. Speaking of scorching, when oh when will it rain? I really need my summer rain. Not only does it cool the temperature, it is so fun to run about getting completely soaked head to toe. This only applies to summer rain. Other seasons need not apply.

It's hump day in my first week as Tyson, Preston, and Mason's nanny. I think I'm doing all right. The kids seem to be having fun, which is good. I am worried about running out of ideas though. Tyson is the hardest to please in regards to activities because he always wants something new. I'm still waiting for Heather to email her ideas so I can start planning new activities.

The boys are so cute. Each really does have his own unique personality. Don't tell the boys, but I secretly like when they dogpile on Aunt Tracie. Despite the squashed feeling, I feel a lot of love for the boys. I love how excited they are when I come over and how sad they are when I leave. It makes me feel like a special person in their lives. Hopefully by the end of the summer I can get them to never mix me up with Aunt HayLee again. At least when I'm over there, they correctly call me Tracie 95% of the time.


jamyo74 said…
Hey Tracie, you need to talk to Jen. She has a lot of resources online that she uses, plus she could give you some ideas.

You will remember this the rest of your life. Take advantage of this opportunity.
lynette said…
You don't know sweaty garments until you've lived through a summer in Houston! Holy-moly! I hope you get some rain soon! Good luck.

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