Frankie Says Relax

On Saturday my husband did the most absolutely amazing thing for me: He made an appointment for me to get a massage. It was my first ever professional massage. I was nervous, but I was brave and stripped completely. It was absolutely incredible. It felt so amazing. I can't believe the hour went by so fast. Thank you honey! I really needed it because I had been having extreme neck and shoulder pain and on Saturday it got much better. Since then, it has once again worsened. But I'm still so appreciate of my honey who loves me.


lynette said…
What a sweetie-pie! I wish my hubbie would buy me a massage... but then again, I'd probably complain about him spending $$ on me and I'd be too self-conscience to strip down. Yowza!
Tracie said…
Well, we had a coupon and it was reasonably priced. But besides the practical aspect, I wanted one. :) And there were many layers of sheets. No vulnerable bits were displayed to the open air.
kristyl104 said…
Once you get over the nervousness of the situation, you can really enjoy being pampered. Now that the awkwardness is behind you, you won't hestitate to have another.
Heather said…
I absolutely LOVE full body massages. And getting them naked too! Ryan used to send me a lot to the fancy smancy Gadabout saloon for the full body massage. It costed 65 dollars for the hour at the time. That was when Cade and Leah were babies. I shudder to know what the cost is now!

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