Day One

I successfully survived my first day as nanny. Tyler & Cheryl's kids sure are a handful, but you've got to love 'em. I probably wouldn't be quite as exhausted if I managed to get some sleep tonight. Hopeful my exhaustion helps me to get some sleep tonight.

We had fun today. I took the kids to the park and we pretended the playground was a boat exploring Africa & Antarctica. It was fun, but extremely hot. The kids colored and Tyson made me a butterfly hair clip out of construction paper. So cute. I made the kids breakfast & lunch and I read them Austin's favorite childhood story, "Liza Lou."

Amazingly none of the kids killed each other under my care. Boys can be so rough, especially when there's three of them and they all want your attention at the same time. It was cute how they were fighting for my attention. Of course, we'll see once the novelty of Aunt Tracie coming over today affects their enthusiasm.

Bottom line: I survived, they survived, and a good time was had by all.


lynette said…
Wishing you guys lived closer so that the kids and us could see you more often! Being a nanny is going to be the best birth control... EVER!
Cheryl said…
You did such a good job yesterday. The kids had a great time and they played and learned things and were happy. And that is the most important part. Thanks for being a great Aunt and being willing to take care of my boys. Love ya!
Tracie said…
We wish we lived closer too. It would be so much fun to hang out with you guys. As far as nannying being birth control, the interesting thing is I only want kids more. Weird, huh?
Tracie said…
I had a good time watching your kids too Cheryl. They're a bit crazy sometimes but I love all of them so much.
Heather said…
I am glad you had so much fun. YOu think they are rough and tumble? Come play with Seth and Cade, and they will show you the meaning of rough. I thought that Cheryl's boys were really sweet and well behaved in comparisons with my boys. No matter what though, experiences like this are extremely helpful to a future family.

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