August 3

Agh! I'm doing horrible at this whole thing. It's past midnight so this will now post on August 4th instead of the 3rd. I vow to be better!

Random thoughts/musings for Sunday:

The mountain is on fire again. It seems to happen almost every summer.

The sunset was absolutely beautiful tonight. I got to see it as Austin and I took a walk around my parent's neighborhood.

My neck is absolutely killing me. It's completely stiff, and I have no idea why.

Tomorrow is Austin's first day at a new job. Everyone wish him luck!

I feel much better about things.

I want to get a gym pass.

Comcast's Internet isn't as "blazing fast" as they advertise.

I joined my first ever hate group so I can post on its forums. I can't say what it's for since it's something that's very popular among my readers. Charity, you know what it is.

I promise to make up for my lameness in blowing my goal the second day into it.


Kris said…
Dad and I were ambulance chasers and drove up to the canyon to see where the fire was on the mountain. It's a little past Bridal Veil Falls, burning straight across the mountain. We were not the only ones up at the canyon. It was kind of funny to see so many gawkers like ourselves. Sorry about your neck. Maybe the way you are sleeping, or hunched over at your computer. I think you should be at your desk in the office. Just my opinion.
Charity said…
Funny how you can bond over hating things. Things... oh I wanted to hint at the thing it is that you hate, but decided not to be so heartless as to compromise your secret loathe. :)
What do you hate?!? I love a good hate hazing!
Charlo said…
my first thought was twilight.... though I have no idea why. I've never read them... yet somehow, I can picture you hating that rude of me? me and my assumptions. I will just pretend I am right so that I don't have to sit and wonder.

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