Camptown ladies sing this song

Last weekend Austin and I went camping with Charity and James up at Rock Canyon. Their ward was having a campout, and they generously invited us to attend. After much packing and preparation, we barely made it up the mountain in our car. We discovered that our tent was much larger than I originally thought. (Not that it's huge or anything but I thought it wasn't big enough to hold the 4 of us. Turns out it could've.) Austin, with much sweat and vigor, put up our brand new still-in-the-box wedding present tent. Then we stuffed our faces with s'mores, turkey sausages, tin foil dinners, and s'mores. In that order.

After dinner we discovered that our mighty tent had fallen, as in completely apart on the ground. Since it was now dark, we had to use lanterns, flashlights, and James's car headlights to put it back together again. Fortunately, we learned how to do it the right way (with James's help) and got it up and standing again.

Putting the tent back together.

Then we played a rousing game of Uno. It was dark and Austin, being the genius that he is, used a 2-liter bottle filled with lemon water as a light diffuser. (That is he put a flashlight against it and it turned the whole bottle into a glowing, er, cylinder.) I was amazed at this trick. Turns out Austin learned this from Boy Scouts. I guess you do learn something worthwhile besides how to pee on fires to put them out. The Uno game was fun as we all debated on what rules we were and were not going to play. Also, since it was dark we couldn't tell the color of our cards and had to huddle near light sources, making it easy to know someone else's hand. We also had 9 people playing at one time, which made it quite crazy; I kept losing track of whose turn it was. Afterwards we got ready for bed. I had SO much fun going to the stinky portipotty let me tell you. (It was so bad I couldn't breathe through my nose without dry heaving.) Then off to bed we all went...or so we thought.

The wind had been blowing fairly heavily all evening but we thought nothing of it, until we tried to go to sleep. The wind was blowing so loudly and shaking our tent so hard that I was scared that it was going to collapse on us once again. Not to mention it was so loud (and inconsistently kept coming and leaving) that there was slim chance either of us going to sleep. (Austin, of course, eventually fell asleep as I suffered through the evening.) I did fall asleep, somewhat, for a short period of time and then we woke up. Someone then decided it would be mucho fun to chop wood, loudly, right near our tent. I went back to sleep and Austin went to get breakfast. After a while, he woke me up and I ate cold eggs and hashbrowns. Then we packed up (with Charity and James help; Charity is a dynamo tent roller-upper) and drove home where we immediately showered and I went to bed for four hours as I was exhausted.

Anyway, Austin and I had lots of fun. It was good to get outdoors for a while and to spend time with C & J. We'll have to do it again sometime. Thanks for inviting us!


lynette said…
i'm SO not a happy camper. the number one reason: your porta potty experience. having to go to the bathroom while camping gives me anxiety!
Heather said…
Flee Fly!
Flee Fly Flo!
Kum a lotta Kum a Lotta Kum A Lotta Vista!
Oh no no not Tracie and Austin!
They they really go camping?

PSHHH! (bug spray)

Went camping ONCE with Ryan before I had kids. I was awake ALL night, and had to pee three times by a tree all worried that someone in the ward will see me. Ryan slept like the dead all night and woke up fit as a fiddle.

Never went camping with Ryan again until AFTER the kids. Gave me something to do all night instead of just laying there.
Charlo said…
Cheater, I saw that air mattress. No wonder you slept poorly.

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