I Need New Eyes

Don't you hate when you're waiting around forever for something you want, and then when you finally get it, you don't like it? So about a month and a half ago I made an eye appointment because I was on my last pair of contacts and needed new ones. I go to my appointment to find out that wearing my contacts too long has caused an eye infection and that my eyes are too damaged to get an accurate reading. So I was to wear only my glasses and come back in a week. I HATE wearing my glasses full-time, but I wanted my eyes to heal so I wore them. I also had to put a substance similar to vaseline in my eyes at night every night. That was great gobby fun. No, it was annoying.

After a week of this, I went in again to find out that my eyes still hadn't healed so I was told to get eye drops and come back in ANOTHER week. I was not happy about this. But I used the eyes drops and came back in...to discover my eyes STILL weren't healed and to come back at the end of the week, which I did. And then my eyes were finally better enough to get a prescription! Yay! So then the doctor ordered a trial pair of contacts of a new brand that are supposedly better for my eyes. After two weeks of waiting for them, I still hadn't heard from them. So I called and they said they didn't know where they were and they'd do some research and call me back, which they didn't. A few days later I called again and I found out that yes, my trial pair were available. So I picked them up...a month and a half after my original appointment...and discovered that I HATE these contacts! They're blurry a lot of the time and they're itchy and they irritate my eyes! They're also huge! I think they have even a bigger diameter than my old contacts! So now I don't know if it's the contacts or if it's just that I've gotten used to wearing my glasses since it's been so long. Either way, I'm unhappy. :( I've missed wearing contacts so much because I feel so much more myself without glasses. So now I'm sans glasses but I can't see and my eyes are driving me crazy! I'm supposed to try them out for a week or two to see how I like them. Then I get to go back to the eye doctor for a follow-up appointment and see if they got the right prescription and then finally order a year supply of contacts.

This is exactly the reason I'm going to get LASIK someday. Sigh.


Cheryl said…
Sorry for the pain in the eyes you've had. I also hate wearing my glasses full time.

I did the same thing trying to extend my contacts as long as possible. I found out that if I continue with that I won't be able to ever get lasik. Scared me into changing my contacts way more often. Yikes.

I can now only wear a 2 week kind. He put me in a kind that will stretch to last up to a month. Baush&Lomb Pure Vision. They help so much and I also had to change my solution which makes your contacts last longer-Clear Care.

Good luck!
Charity said…
Owch, just reading that makes my eyes water. :( Hope it gets better soon!
Kris said…
Sorry about that you have had to go through all that mess with your eyes. You don't want to mess with your eye sight. I'd call the doc and tell him you can't see clearly with those contacts. And I too want to have Lasik, maybe someday.
Andrew said…
New eyes? How're these?


Matt Schramer said…
This is Brittnee btw not matt...

Anyhow I hate contacts also! I can't wait until we're well to do so I can have Laysec! I always have bad luck more so and poke holes in my eyes and have to be in the dark for three days. Missed work and school. One time my eye got so irritated I couldn't even look at anything. I canceled a date I hade and went to bed.
Charlo said…
IF you have to wear glasses all the time, then ya, contacts are probably better, but I'd call and ask the doctor to suggest/ perscribe a different brand.

at my last appointement I decided that the contacts weren't worth the extra money for me.

My advice is, though, if you go glasses, embrace it, don't hide it. conservative makes me feel self concious in the end. Find a funky one that looks stylish good on you're face. I have gotten so many complements on my NEW (well 2 months) red glasses. THey stand out, but they are on your face, so you can't really hide them anyway. GO loud and go fun.

but, atlass, I don't have to constantly wear them, so I do take them off to eat ( I don't know why but I cant stand to wear them while I eat) and often don't wear them when I don't have to leave the house. I mostly need them for distance- driving, scanning department stores, etc.

AT least you get to work from home now, so you didn't have to wear your old grumpy glasses to work.

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