Hiccups and Other Maladies

Is there anyone in the world who likes hiccuping? I sure don't. I don't mind sneezing. Sneezing feels relieving. Hiccuping is the most annoying thing. I had the hiccups consistently for over an hour last night. We tried everything to make them go away. I held my breath, drank water, Austin attempted to "scare" me, I stood up and stretched. Nothing worked! I hiccuped so much I started to feel nauseated. And my stomach felt all crampy. They eventually went away by themselves, but it really was horrible. At least it didn't become like this or this.

Okay, so the title isn't accurate. I don't really have any other maladies to relate. But I thought it made for a good title and I was getting tired of using the date as a title.


Kris said…
Just wait until you are pregnant with child and said child gets the hiccups. There is absolutely nothing that you can do to make those hiccups go away. Ahhh the memories.
JanB said…
At least you didn't make headlines!

Ivan once whined to me when he had a long hiccup fit when he was about 3 years old: "Mooommmyyy,
I can't stop hiccing up!"
Jen said…
You know I have a great trick to get rid of hiccups right away. You take 9 little sips of water one right after another in a row. Sip, swallow, sip swallow.... 9 times. It works every time for my kids and myself.

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