The Neverending Story

I just finished reading The Neverending Story for the first time. It's much different than the movies (particularly the second one). The first movie ends a little less than halfway through the book portion. Anyway, I really liked the book (though it did seem a little neverending to me). It totally put me in the mood to watch the movies. I LOVE the movies! If you didn't watch The Neverending Story growing up, I'd say your childhood was missing something. (Unless, of course, you weren't a child when it came out. ;) ) The story is one of the most imaginative stories I've ever read/watched. The movie was fascinating, scary, intense, sad, happy, and inspiring. Made you want to wish and dream. The book was the same way. I couldn't believe the imagination of the author. He created so many new and different things that were so creative. Made me wish I were that creative. I really liked the messages in the book as well. I remember watching the movie growing up and thinking that all things were possible. And how much I wished I could ride Falkor. Or how sad I was when Artax died. Or how wonderful it was to see Bastian turn the tables on his bullies. And I of course remember the wonderful song! Here's a video with the song that gets stuck neverendingly in your head:


Lechelle said…
I love the neverending story! I named my sugar glider Falkor after this movie because I secretly wished I was small enough (or he was big enough) for me to ride on his back when he flew so I could wave at my friends riding their horses as I flew over them. I was also surprised about how much more there was to the book than the movie. Unfortunately, I loaned my book out to a boy I liked five years ago and I never got it back. :( If I ever run into him again the first thing I am asking is what he did with my book (the second thing is I'm going to thank him for not being bright enough to like me back, sometimes what we heartache over is really a rescue from a life doomed for mediocre happiness). Thanks for the flashback!
Charity said…
I love it! Thanks for the video. Brought back some good memories.
Kris said…
Even an adult can dream and love fairy tales. I really liked the movie too, even in my old age. It's fun to look back on things that bring us fond memories.
Heather said…
I remember the NEVERENDING story!

All the emotions I felt in the movie were just so real for me.
Charlo said…
I liked the movie when I was little, unfortunately If my dad knew I had rented it once before I wasn't alowed to rent it again. We had to pick movies we hadn't seen yet.

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