Shower Power

A few days ago Austin and I were taking a shower when all of the sudden the shower head goes shooting off! A hydrant-like spray of water then hit us with full force. It was pretty funny and shocking. Austin kept trying to fix it but it kept shooting off, causing me to squelch like a junior high girl several times. We kept trying to fix it until the rubber washer washed down the drain after another of its high-force attacks. Austin called our landlord and we got to take baths for a few days while we waited for it to get fixed. It was kinda fun (and annoying) taking a bath. It made me feel like I was living in the good ole days again when there were no massage showerheads and when the longer you're in the tub, the dirtier you got. Fortunately, our landlord got back to us and we have a new massage showerhead, which we didn't have before. (It's actually really fortunate that this happened as we've hated our showerhead since we've moved in as it leaked everywhere, causing water to get all over the bathroom floor; but we were too cheap to replace it ourselves.) So that's our little wet adventure for the week.


lynette said…
a shower--together--oh la la!
glad to hear that you can get clean standing up right again. plus, two in a little tub--not so much fun!
Heather said…
shower together...

you lucky dogs!

I married my hubby, only to find out that he likes to shower alone. Gone were my romantic, sensual, and hot steamy scenes that I hoped to have in the shower with my future husband!

But we will do the jacuzzi thing together. Now, we just have to wait for the neighbors to mosey along their way.

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