A Ray of Light

So I've received some good financial news, which is good considering all the bad that has happened lately. I received a bonus from work so now I can buy a camera (and a new computer for Austin). And I also received a raise. It's only fifty cents, but it made me happy because I didn't know if we would ever get raises. It boosted my spirits though it won't really make any financial difference. Gotta accentuate the positive!


Heather said…
That is a really good ray of light!
Kris said…
Any raise is a good raise.
Charlo said…
that is quite a bonus, I say.

is that raise per hour, or salary.... 'cus 80 bucks a month is a good 16 5 buck bin movies, or 80 itune songs, or 1,000 bucks a year. Think about it it terms of something you like. Now, if that is Salary, than that is simply managements idea of a joke thinly masquerading as positive reinforcement.

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