Workin' on Out

So remember how I said I while ago I wanted a gym pass? Well, I got one! For a really good price too. A perk of Austin's new job is gym passes to Gold's. They're not free, but it's a really good deal. Austin didn't have to sign a contract and for every time he goes, he get a dollar off. (If he doesn't go at all, it's $20.) So if we go 20 times in a month, it's free! (For Austin anyway.) I had to sign a two-year contract but it's okay because I love going to the gym. And mine is only 17/month. We were going to buy an elliptical because I really love them but the one I wanted at Walmart increased in price and we weren't really sure we'd have the room. So now we're going to go to the gym, which is close enough to walk to, 3 to 5 times a week! I'm obviously excited. :) Oh, so we went for the first time tonight. It was great, and it felt really good to work out again. I'm going to start my work-out-every-day thing again, starting today.


Kris said…
Just stay with it. I promise you'll kick yourself if you don't. Feeling good sometimes is much better than looking good.
Charlo said…
I always thought elliptical were ridiculous. Then, I actually tried a treadmill, and was like, this sucks, my knees never hurt but now they do, and then I tried one of those funny machines and was like, this is much better.

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